Supporting Companies

It’s time for a change in how businesses approach recruiting.

Recent challenges with attracting and retaining talented, committed employees have made that clear.

As a leader of an area company, you are crucial to 5th Year’s success. And by helping recent high school graduates identify professional opportunities they may have otherwise never known about, 5th Year could become a key to your long-term recruiting success.

Interns in scrubs speaking with a doctor while looking at a laptop
Your Contributions

As a supporting organization, you’ll host small groups of 5th Year participants now and then as they tour your company. You’ll invite certain participants to shadow members of your team for a few days. You’ll also provide at least one paid three-month internship. That paid work helps 5th Year students cover their on-campus living expenses, which allows the program to be self-sustaining.

Intern writing in a journal while working on a laptop
Interns in a workshop with an engineer working on an electric motor
Your Rewards

Get a jump on recruiting.

By meeting many vetted 5th Year participants and introducing them to the benefits of your company and culture on a more personal level, you’ll have a head start on recruiting the program graduates who stand out to you.

Your employees may benefit by actively mentoring 5th Year students, too. Giving them the opportunity to actively teach, encourage and inspire young people can bring a new level of purpose to their roles within your company and contribute to their job satisfaction.

You can also take pride in knowing that your organization will be part of a valuable program that’s designed to transform the post-high-school experience for our area’s young adults and keep them working and leading successful lives right here in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

5th Year relies on partnerships with the business community. As we build a talent ecosystem that supports the future growth and needs of our region’s companies, we’ll need the active participation of area businesses, from internships to investment. We see partnership opportunities evolving as the program does. For the Fall 2024 semester, we need partnership in the following areas:

  • Paid, semester-long, work-based experiences
  • Job site visits
  • Strategically aligned program naming opportunities
  • Career coaching
  • Investors

At this time, companies providing 5th Year internships must be within easy driving distance of Sylvania, Ohio, but you can contribute in other ways. For more details, please email Erica Halada or call her at 419-865-5511 Ext: 107

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